Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project Spotlight: Crowman & Wolfboy by Wither Studios

I came for the weird title, I stayed for the completely, absolutely, undoubtedly weird video.  Seriously, check it out.  I'll wait.

I know, right?!  This whole project just exudes charm.  I can't really say much about the video that would do it justice, so let's focus on the game.  In short, it looks great.  The level art is amazing and varied and has a distinct style.  There seems to be an interesting variety of play types, and clean, simple control, and looks to have all of the makings of a hit mobile game - which you can start getting for just $5.  The rewards go up to some goodies and getting your name in the credits, but the best by far is free games FOR LIFE from the studio.  If they all turn out as good as Crowman & Wolfboy look, that's not a bad deal at all.

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