Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project Spotlight: The Exo Typeface Family by Natanael Gama

I'm not gonna lie, for knowing virtually nothing about them, I'm a huge font nerd.  Go watch the Helvetica documentary and you'll understand.  We take fonts for granted every day, but where would your emails, Facebook, Twitter, and more be without them?  How would Dan Gilbert write scathing letters in Comic Sans?  In short, we need fonts.  And since we don't want the world to be boring, we need different fonts.

Luckily, Natanael Gama fills the void you might not even know you had with his Exo typeface.  It's a pretty cool-looking font and he seems to have just about every character you might need covered.  The font will be released libre and seems to be a good cause to provide more creative tools to creators everywhere.

Gama did a pretty good job with the pledge rewards considering it's probably hard to think of things to offer with just a font.  You can get the font early, and get some tangible goods such as booklets and posters, which is a great way to show that you're more learned than your friends.  The higher packages get you very involved in the work and offer some good exclusives, for example:

an exclusive version of one font style from the Exo family, with up to 10 characters redesigned totally to meet your needs, and you will choose the name of this new typeface
This is the great thing about Kickstarter - you might find something awesome you never would have discovered otherwise.  There's still plenty of time to help fund the project.

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