Monday, November 7, 2011

Project Spotlight: Jetsam Wallets by Laura Skelton

First up is Jetsam Wallets by Laura Skelton.  It's exactly what it sounds like: wallets!

As Skelton explains on her Kickstarter page, jetsam is a term for unwanted material.  Taking this to heart, the Jetsam wallets are made from discarded fabrics.  This includes reclaimed neckties, jackets, and shirts.  There are a few different styles available: Prepster, Uncle Larry, Natty Professor, and Spiffy Lumberjack, each made out of their own respective materials.

There are some great rewards for backing Jetsam.  Most of them revolve around getting your very own Jetsam wallet and a very kind invitation to a funding party out in San Diego.  Some of the coolest rewards, though, involve sending Skelton your own (or family) neckties to have a custom-made wallet fashioned from it.

I've made my pledge for a Jetsam wallet and I'm excited to get it.  I'll be back with a review of it once it arrives!

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