Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project Spotlight: Last Class Heroes by Kontrabida

Quick update for a Kickstarter project that's just about up.  It's a 2D action-adventure/RPG that looks absolutely fantastic called Last Class Heroes.  I haven't played many RPGs lately because there's only so many times I can take the cliches (yeah, I'm generalizing, sue me.  But don't, because I'm incredibly not rich).  Last Class Heroes, though, looks like it's got an appealing enough premise and design style to keep me engaged.  It's got two different narratives, amazing art, and an interesting battle system.  My advice?  Check out the video at their Kickstarter page to see the whole deal.

The backing rewards are excellent for this, too.  Only $5 will get you the mobile version of the game and $25 for the desktop version.  There are a bunch of others, but my favorite is getting a fully custom character in the game.  That's right, get immortalized.  Everyone will know who you are.  It's like being a Kardashian, but in pixels.  It's that kind of connecting with fans that makes backing these sort of small projects totally worth it.


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