Friday, December 9, 2011

Project Spotlight: ODDIO1 Cord-Free Shuffle Headphones by Jeremy Saxton & Jacob Hall

MP3 players are the most revolutionary aspect of exercising since the advent of the sneaker itself.  No more clipping a bulky Walkman to your waistband, no more trying to keep your Discman from skipping, no more hefting a boombox onto your shoulder (unless you're still into that sort of thing to keep it old school).  By MP3 player I, of course, mean the iPod, because that was one of the first that didn't suck.  The iPod has gone through many iterations, including the made-for-exercising iPod Shuffle.  It's super tiny, has no screen, and basically only consists of play controls.  You'll barely know it's there.

Except for the headphone cord.

Have you ever seen an NBA player during shootaround listing to headphones?  I don't know how they do it; I can barely go for a jog without getting snared in my cord, nevermind doing more complex moves like shooting a basketball.  Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall have solved this problem with an essentially wireless solution: the ODDIO1 (pronounced "audio-one") headphones.

The design is so simple I'm amazed it hasn't been done before.  The Shuffle slides right into the headphone itself, just outside the speaker, and is connected through a standard headphone jack.  That's it.  You're done.  You can even sync/charge it without needing to remove it.

The only concern I have is how well the headphones will settle on the head; the speaker sections are flat, and without having the benefit of going into the ear (like an earbud) or having enough of a cushion to cup around the ear I question the support while running or performing other exercises.  Testing them out would be a great benefit, but considering everything else Saxton and Hall seem to have accounted for, that might be much ado about nothing.

The rewards for the ODDIO1 are great, ranging from a "thank you" to a shirt with their cool logo to headphones to headphones with an iPod Shuffle.  If you've been looking for an MP3 player to take along for exercises, what better opportunity than to have it come with an innovative way of listening to it?

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