Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Jetsam Wallet

You may remember a little while ago we talked about Laura Skelton's Jetsam wallet project on Kickstarter.  The basic idea was using reclaimed fabric - neckties, jackets, etc - to make some pretty nifty wallets.

I've never been big into wallets.  I don't really know if there are people whose "thing" is wallets but I have to imagine they're out there, because people have all sorts of niche hobbies.  I didn't carry one at all until fairly late in high school (when do people usually start using wallets?); I had one of those magic wallets that are cool until the novelty wears off, and then I had a Tar Heels wallet.  It was cool except for the fact that it was Velcro, and there comes a point in everyone's life where you shouldn't have a Velcro anything.  After walking around with a normal wallet for a while, I figured the Jetsam wallets looked cool and had a neat idea behind them, and I could help out a start-up company, so I decided to get one.  I'm glad I did.

Aesthetically, they look really nice.  You should check out their site to take a look at all of them.  I opted for the Prepster version, which uses "dapper patterns and traditional hues from reclaimed classic neckties."  This particular one is a nice shade of blue (note: I can't remember if I requested a blue one filling out the backer survey on Kickstarter; if not, it's probably the color I would have chosen anyway, and I'm thrilled with it).  The term "reclaimed" might raise a few eyebrows but the material is nice and clean, and it's comfortable if that sort of thing is important to you in a wallet.

The craftsmanship is very well done.  It's a standard bifold wallet, with a pocket for bills in the back.  Each face has a slot to hold cards; they fit perfectly, with a little of the card(s) sticking out so the face can be seen just enough to recognize which card you're looking at.  The stitching is strong and I doubt I'll have any issues with the thread coming out and it falling apart.  I couldn't be happier with the quality.

A popular theme here is giving people a reason to hand over their hard-earned cash.  Because the product is incredibly well done, Skelton and Jetsam shouldn't have any problem with this.  Still, for the Kickstarter backers who helped get this thing off the ground, Skelton went a little further.  My wallet came with a personalized, hand-written "You Rock!" note signed by Skelton herself.  It's those little things that really make you feel good about helping someone realize their dream.  Skelton's genuine appreciation, passion, and skill make it a certainty that I'll be on the lookout for further products from her and Jetsam in the future.

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