Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jonathan Coulton's "Artificial Heart"

The full-length (and I do mean full-length, coming in at 18 tracks) Artificial Heart by Jonathan Coulton isn't a new release, but that's OK because this isn't really a review.  More of a...timely highlighting of a great album.  Some might better know Coulton from his incredible musical contribution to the video game Portal.  Others might be familiar with his "Thing a Week" project.  And even more others of you might have just heard him come up due to his slightly-controversial-but-he-kinda-has-a-point tweet regarding the recent removal of MegaUpload (and, tangentially, the SOPA/PIPA debate).

Anyway, between the video game tunes and quirky projects and ranting blog posts, one might think Coulton is a completely niche, passion-over-talent would-be musician, but in actually he's incredibly talented, and that talent is highlighted on Artificial Heart (along with Coulton's other albums).  You can download the whole whopping album for only $10 on his site.  Go show your support for a truly independent artist.

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