Friday, February 17, 2012

HOOT Magazine

Note: I'm really excited to present our first post from someone other than myself, courtesy of Sean Drummond.  He's got a great voice and vision for the kind of projects we're looking to highlight, as you're about to read.  If you're interested in contributing and article or a project, take a look at the Submit tab at the top of the page.

It’s a postcard.  It's a literary magazine.  It’s both and it’s a HOOT.  At 150 words, this is the literary mag for the Twitter generation.  Each postcard issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or book reviews in less than “two Twitter tweets."  The two Pennsylvania editors came up with the idea so that no one would have an excuse not to read current literature.

For two dollars you can have an issue/postcard sent to anyone in the US with your own personal message inscribed.  If you want to subscribe to get your own monthly editions you can signup for $14 a year.  Online versions of HOOT are available and are issued twice as often as the print versions.

If you’re feeling creative and brief you can compose a haiku or short, short story and submit it to HOOT.  Wondering what you could write in 150 or less, the staff recommends keeping the content "refrigerator friendly."  In other words, try to imagine if you would want your poem/story hanging on your fridge.


Sean Drummond is a freelance writer based in Raleigh, NC.

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