Monday, February 6, 2012

Humble Bundle for Android

Everyone's favorite indie game bundle, the Humble Bundle, is back, and this time they're taking things on the go with games for Android in addition to their regular platforms or Windows, Macs, and Linux.  We've highlighted the various Humble Bundles before, but if you're new to the game (ha, puns!) here's the deal:
  • Pay What You Want: Whatever you feel is fair, that's your cost.
  • DRM-free: Download it as many times as you want, copy it, give it to someone else, whatever.
  • Multi-platform: As mentioned above, you can download the games for your favorite operating system, as well as Android-powered devices
  • Support Charities: You can split your payment however you like to support the developers or various charitable foundations
On the docket for this round of games are some oldies-but-goodies and some new offerings.  Anomaly: Warzone Earth, an intense-looking tower defense-type game; Osmosis, an incredibly addictive game in which you absorb smaller organisms; the wicked puzzle-platformer EDGE; and World of Goo (if you contribute more than the average price), a great puzzle game that frustrates me to no end because I'm not skilled enough at it.

A lot of these games have been previously released (World of Goo, at least, is also a major-platform release) but if you've been looking for some great games for your Android devices, now's your chance.  Personally, I've never played Anomaly before, and I'm totally psyched to try that game in particular.  There's no better bang for your buck deal than the Humble Bundle, so get yours now - this Bundle ends next week.

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