Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love and Basketball (and Shirts)

A lot of the products we discuss here are digital goods (music, games, etc) but this certainly isn't always the case.  Sure, it's 2012 and digital is "in" right now, but there's still a place in this ending-soon-according-to-the-Mayans world for tangible items.

Case in point: this awesome Kevin Durant "Durantula" t-shirt I ordered from Tree & Leaf.

Try to get over how awesome it is.  I'll wait.

Anyway, Tree & Leaf came to my attention via The Basketball Jones.  During the relatively recent NBA lockout, the TBJ podcast went on the road to various basketball cities, Oklahoma City being one of them.  Tree & Leaf were kind enough to host the whole shindig, cast and crew and audience included.  Very cool of them.

Tree & Leaf is a small company, and they obviously don't have the advantage that digital providers have of giving customers instant (downloadable) access to products, but that doesn't mean they still don't have the ability to connect with customers and give them a worthwhile meaning to buy.

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