Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OK Go Sells Themselves

Have you heard of OK Go?  Of course you have, because (besides being a great band) they released a very popular treadmill-based music video, and you've used the Internet before.  Have you heard of the Super Bowl?

OK, moving on...

Anyway, if you watched the past week's Big Game you probably saw one or more commercials for the Chevy Sonic.  OK Go was a part of this, playing their whole song "Needing/Getting" using the Sonic.  It's a pretty cool video, and you can see it here again or for the first time:

Some people might consider this selling out, but really what the band is selling is themselves.  They make great music.  I'm a fan of their albums.  But really, how much more popular did they get after their infamous treadmill video?  A rough guess would be...a whole heck of a lot.

Consider this: as of this post, the Sonic video was posted to YouTube 3 days ago and already has over 4.5 million views.  If OK Go got paid for the advertisement and can convert just a fraction of those views to sales of albums, tickets, or merchandise, that's a pretty penny they've just turned while still being able to do their music.

There are tons of ways to reach potential fans (and tons of potential fans if you can get into a Super Bowl spot) and OK Go has figured out a stellar way to monetize the process by embracing new technology and purchasing habits, and revitalizing old business models.

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