Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project Spotlight: Atomic Robo: Last Stop

This might be the most excited I've been since Upstart Projects started.

If you've never read Atomic Robo, then you're just being silly.  It's an independent comic published by Red 5 Comics, written by Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater fame and drawn by Scott Wegener.  It follows the adventures of said Robo, a mechanical man created back in the day by Nikola Tesla.  He fights vampires, Cthulhu monsters, Nazis, Dr. know, the usual.  It's incredibly smart, painfully funny, and looks great.  Each volume is mostly standalone, so go out right now to buy one or all (preferably all.  Or you can download them - did you expect a comic called Atomic Robo to not be hi-tech like that?).

But this isn't about the comic, it's about something maybe even better (if that was possible): an animated short!  Check out the trailer below:

I know.


This project has been a long time coming, and it's close to seeing the light of day.  The movie will be free to everyone once it's finished, so it's understandably not included as a funding reward, but the rewards that are available are great.  There are pin sets and posters and paper dolls and t-shirts...and then things start getting cool.

DVD copy of the movie?  Done.  Art book?  Check.  Signed copy of an Atomic Robo volume (or, if you're ambitious, all of them)?  Yup.  Appearing as a character?  Wowza.  A workshop from the founder of The Fictory?!  Now this is just getting ridiculous.

Atomic Robo is one of the most well-written, creative project in a long while.  If the animated short is going to be half as great as a single volume of the comic, it deserves all of the support it can get.

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