Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project Spotlight: The Society of Adventurers - Woe of the Woodking by Derek Bacon

While the traditional comic book industry has been dwindling over the past few decades, causing such events as DC relaunching their entire line and forcing companies to (finally) move into the digital realm, one area that has been growing is that of independent webcomics.  Like other small projects that aren't beholden to mass market expectations, most webcomics are quirky and fun and wholly different than most of what you might find for public consumption.  I mean, did anyone think a satirical sprite comic based on Final Fantasy characters would get a chance anywhere besides the Internet?

A similar off-the-wall concept comes from Derek Bacon and his The Society of Adventurers - Woe of the Woodking.  You might, at first, think it is a simple fantasy comic.  Then you read the first few pages and see the humor that comes through.  Then you get to the main characters, two children and a talking fox, and see bickering reptilian guards, and find that the group has mistaken a kitten for a deadly dragon, and you discover you've gotten yourself into more than you first realized.

Or maybe you just take a look at the art and get exactly what you're expecting.  If there's ever been a Saturday morning cartoon set to paper (er...screen), it's The Society of Adventurers.  The lines are crisp, the colors are vibrant, and each character look ready to jump out at the reader.

The Kickstarter page is to fund the complete graphic novel and comes with rewards like digital and print versions, t-shirts, and commissioned adventures that you can send the Society on.  Don't want to pledge without knowing what you're getting into?  Bacon has you covered, as he's posting pages on the comic's official site.  Get a taste of the book and you'll find yourself coming back.

If you've been looking for something to read that's just plain fun, something that you can enjoy with your kids, or if you just to harken back to a day when you'd sit around in your pajamas on Saturday mornings wanting nothing more than to be entertained, The Society of Adventurers looks primed to fill that void.

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