Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Pizza Vs. Skeletons by Riverman Media

You've all heard it before: "don't judge a book by its cover."  Don't jump to conclusions about something without really getting to know it first.  It's a sound mantra to live by and everyone would do well to heed it.

I hope it doesn't apply to video games, because I definitely purchased Pizza Vs. Skeletons based on name alone.

To be fair, this iOS game did have good reviews in the App Store and the screenshots looked entertaining.  Still, what caught my eye was the title.  How can Pizza Vs. Skeletons not pique your interest?  Luckily, there's more to it than its quirky title, and a great game lies beneath.

The concept behind Pizza Vs. Skeletons is simple - tilt the device to move your giant pizza monster and tap to jump.  That's it.  The level designs, though, are varied enough to keep things interesting.  Objectives range from crushing enemies (skeletons, natch) to collecting coins to bringing puppies back to their doghouse to smashing buildings and more.  There are ten worlds with ten levels apiece, each world capped off by a boss battle.

The game isn't particularly deep but the levels are addictive and will capture a player's interest.  Each level has three stars that can be earned, allowing for some replay value, and money can be collected to purchase items with which to decorate your pizza, including top hats, eagle beaks, cyclops eyes, and a full 16-bit pixelated makeover.  You can share your creation on Facebook or Twitter, allowing for a social aspect to the game.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons looks great as well.  Take a look at the Riverman website and you'll see that they're dedicated to 2D games; the graphics are smooth, detailed, and totally unique, immediately drawing you in with the style.  With levels taking place in the ocean, on ski slopes, and on football fields, just to name a few, the game has plenty of opportunities to stretch its legs and showcase its variety.

There are some games that stand out because they're so oddball, while others become a staple because of their solid mechanics and overall polish.  Pizza Vs. Skeletons is the best of both worlds and will keep you entertained for some time for only a few bucks.

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