Friday, March 2, 2012


I first came across CityFabric during their Kickstarter campaign, and it's encouraging to see how far they've come along since.  While on the surface they're just about shirts and totes, take a look at their products and mission statement and you're bound to find so much more.

CityFabric got lots of attention for their "Wear You Live" Kickstarter project, printing apparel that have simple and clear-cut maps of various cities.  While they have local cities of Raleigh and Durham available, they've since branched out to bigger cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, and more.

The "Wear You Live" project is part of CityFabric's larger goal of encouraging people to engage with their cities, like their Walk Raleigh work, in which they "intended to put walkability on the forefront of conversation about the future of downtown Raleigh" by pointing people in different directions to interesting locales.  T-shirts and tote bags are great, but connecting people to their community is even better.

With CityFabric, you're not just promoting a project, you're promoting your city and, by extension, yourself.  CityFabric has grown a lot but could still use your support.  Who knows?  If they get bigger, maybe you'll city your city up there one day.

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