Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mystery Build

Sometimes, even for the most creative types, there can be roadblocks.  You just can't get over that hump or get out whatever is on the tip of the proverbial tongue.  Sometimes you just need that little spark of inspiration: an image, a song lyric, an insightful quote.  Or maybe you need to be pushed.  Procrastinators worldwide often say they do their best work at the last minute, under pressure.  Working within constraints can force you to really put out your best work.  A challenge can bring out the best in you.

If you're looking for such a challenge, Mystery Build might be your muse.

Beneath its complexity Mystery Build is actually fairly simple: you're sent a collection of (unknown) materials, and you can use only those materials to create your piece of art.  Last year's theme was about your favorite song, while this year's is yours favorite movie.  You can interpret it however you wish as long as you only use what's given to you.

Of course, this isn't completely art for art's sake.  There are financial prizes involved, from $5,000 all the way down to a still-respectable $250.  With only a handful of prizes and a large number of entrants, it's hard to believe that many are doing it for the money and not for the challenge, the fun, and the creative process.  Still, you've still got plenty of time to order your kit and create your masterpiece.

While the main Mystery Build contest is going on, the group also has something special for a younger audience with the "Invent an Animal" kit.  It's pretty self-explanatory, and along the same lines as the main Mystery Build - use what you're given to create your own animal.  It's a little more straightforward but is a great way to get kids to think creatively and get them involved in the arts.

The idea behind Mystery Build can be summed up in one sentence found on their website: "We believe in art."  Pure creativity can be a rare thing, and Mystery Build is doing their part to keep people engaged.  Whether you want a crack at some prize money, just want the chance to put your right brain to work, or want to let your kids go wild with their imagination, take a look at Mystery Build.  You might be surprised what you find inside.

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