Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Spotlight: Party of Sin by Crankshaft Games

When we talk about projects on Upstart Projects, we aren't talking about wholly original ideas.  The truth is, those don't exist.  Everyone is inspired by something, everything is a remix, and the most anyone can ask for is a fresh take on something original.  A perfect example?  Party of Sin from Crankshaft Games.

Featured in Party of Sin are the titular Seven Deadly Sins, along with religious mythology such as angels, demons, and so on.  It's a platformer/puzzle game, like Mario and Zelda smashed together.  Sound familiar?  Maybe, but you've never seen these elements like this before.  Party of Sin does it all very, very well and positions itself as a highly anticipated games.

As mentioned, the Seven Deadly Sins are at the forefront of Party of Sin, and it really is all seven.  You can switch between characters on the fly, which is nice, because you have to do so to succeed.  Need to charge through a door?  Become Wrath.  Platform moving to fast for you?  Slow it down as Sloth.  Can't reach a ledge?  Good thing Greed appropriately has a grappling hook with which to snatch things.  Each character has abilities to use to solve puzzles and fight foes, and switching on the fly between them is crucial.  And since you wouldn't want to keep all of this to yourself, there's also a co-op mode, in which you can work together to get through levels...or throw your teammates into lava.  Whichever.

If you're worried about things being pretty, don't be.  The concept art looks great, and the videos, trailers, and music that Crankshaft has released thus far removes any fear of the aesthetics being anything but topnotch.

Perhaps the most incredibly part of Party of Sin is how Crankshaft is driven to connect with their fans.  The game was originally to be released for Xbox Live as well as PC, but the team ran into some issues optimizing it for XBL.  So what did they do?  Agreed to look into ports of the game by exceeding their Kickstarter goal, which they've done.  They've also taken to fans for some aspects of the game, like character Envy's superpower.  Pretty cool way to give fans what they want.

Crankshaft is helping prove that not all indie games have to be simplistic mobile titles, or games we've seen a hundred times before with a new coat of paint.  Despite familiar game mechanics and mythology, Party of Sin looks to set itself apart and become a real hit, which is definitely within its grasp.


  1. Thanks for the great article, you really hit the nail on the head! If anyone wants to get in contact with us about the game, you can contact us at (Public Relations) or (Project Lead).


  2. Thank you Alfred! Best of luck to you and your whole team!