Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project Spotlight: "Untitled Webseries About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time" by Travis Richey

Community is the best show on television (or, it will be again once it comes back from its hiatus on March 15th).  That's just a fact.  Sure, you have your Mad Men, your Walking Dead, your Downton Abbey - the subjects of which Community has lovingly parodied or referenced, coincidentally - but for my money Community has them all beat.  It's a goldmine of pop culture references, thanks largely in part to meta-referencing character Abed, and it's because of him that viewers were introduced to Dr. Who Inspector Spacetime, "the best show I've ever seen in my entire life."

Luckily, Inspector Spacetime is real, or at least as real as a parody of a television show from another television show can be.  Also, due to some legal finagling, it can't be called Inspector Spacetime.  But no worries, because thanks to Travis Richey, who plays the titular character, we've got Untitled Webseries About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.

Cool.  Coolcoolcool.

Untitled is appropriately cheesy and lovingly made.  Any fan of Dr. Who or well-crafted independent webseries will be right at home.  You can check out an animatic of the first episode here.  As Richey explains on his Kickstarter page, he originally wanted to make the project only for fun, to have Community characters Troy and Abed watch or to have included on the season 3 DVD.  Unfortunately, NBC/Sony nixed this idea, but Richey's goal still remains the same, and he plans on keeping the project as a non-commercial endeavor, releasing the series for free on YouTube.

This is certainly an example of creation for creation's sake.  Richey loved the idea of the character and wanted to expose it to even more people.  Luckily, as you can tell from his YouTube channel, Richey is pretty talented as well and Untitled is shaping up to be a great production.  This isn't about the money (it's being released on YouTube, after all), but the series could certainly use some support.  Copyright is often an excuse as incentive for creators to create, but here's an example where it very nearly put an end to a project.  Show some love for a creative endeavor that just wants to get made and shared.

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