Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: 'Anomaly Warzone Earth' by 11 bit studios

We're big fans of Humble Bundle here at Upstart Projects.  DRM-free, pay what you want, cross platform, give some to charity, get some great games - what's not to love?  The last release was Humble Bundle for Android.  I purchased that bundle but didn't give much thought to the Android versions, seeing as how I didn't have an Android-powered device.  I recently got one (Samsung Infuse, great phone) and decided to test it out using Anomaly Warzone Earth by 11 bit studios.  What started as a test run for my new device quickly turned into an enjoyable game experience.

Tower defense games, in which the player attempts to stop attacks by building defensive units, are popular on mobile platforms.  Anomaly turns this on its head, though, and is more of a tower offense game.  You command a convoy through enemy attackers to fulfill various objectives.  You pick your vehicles, each with different offensive and defensive capabilities, and set the route through enemy territory.  Along the way you can use items such as repair kits, smokescreens, and decoys to your advantage.  The different units and the multiple pathways that determine which enemies you engage, what resources you collect, and so on, as well as the different objectives, keep the game from getting stale.

For a mobile game, the production value on Anomaly is amazing.  The game takes place in a warzone (hence the title) and troops, weapons, smoke, jets making equipment drops, and more fill the screen at any time.  Despite all this, you won't feel a slowdown.  The graphics are incredibly, and even more subtle features like the music and voice work are top notch.

If you missed out on Anomaly Warzone Earth you can still buy it from the Android Marketplace, for iOS devices, off of Steam, or hold out for the Xbox version that's coming soon.  Regardless of how you play it, you owe it to yourself to do so.  Such a polished, addictive game deserves all of the attention it can get.

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