Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Little Indians and The Return Fight: You, Me, and Everyone Who Used to be in the Same Band

Not too long ago, You, Me, and Everyone We Know were making big moves on the pop/rock scene.  They'd released a pair of exceptionally well-received EPs, a long awaited full length album, and seemed posed for a bright future.  Unfortunately, without getting into disputed details, things fell apart personally and professionally with the band members, leaving lead singer Ben Liebsch as the sole member.  However, the other members have moved on to their own endeavors, notably forming the bands The Little Indians and The Return Fight.  Both bands have releases coming up and show that they haven't missed a step since leaving YMAEWK.

The Little Indians have been releasing music for a while on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.  While we're still waiting on a full-length release from them, April 20 (not coincidentally the date YMAEWK broke up) will see some new material from them.  What they've turned out so far is some slickly-crafted pop music; head over to their site to hear their existing sounds and be sure to sign up for their mailing list to get the new song next week.

The Return Fight has been a little more under the radar, having formerly been known as Boxer, but their just-released self-titled EP shows that it's been well worth the wait.  Best of all, you can get the whole things starting a just a dollar at Bandcamp.  It packs a punch with only five-songs, and the variety will leave you longing for a full-length ASAP.

It's always nice when people can make the best of a bad situation.  The breakup of You, Me, and Everyone We Know was somewhat public and seemed rather messy, but most of the band members seemed to have no problem landing on their feet.  They're still making great music under new monikers so check out their new material and show some love for their resilience.

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