Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'Saturday' by Noah Kroese

A few years ago, DC Comics released an oversized weekly anthology called Wednesday Comics, printed on newsprint.  It was known for a few things, namely the unique format and pulling the punches by putting their (mostly) best talent on the strips.  Thanks to the large size - 14"x20" - detail was crammed into many of the strips.  This was used to varying levels of success - Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred's "Metamorpho" had tons of neat things thrown in, while Ben Caldwell's "Wonder Woman" was seen by some as being a little too crowded.

That little preamble brings us to graphic novel Saturday by Noah Kroese.  When I first came across the project, I was instantly reminded of Wednesday Comics.  I'm still not entirely sure why.  Maybe it's the oversized pages (Kroese's are 11"x17" and 25 panels each), or the detailed art style, or the deliberate "anyone can enjoy" way he's going about it.  In any case, Saturday is shaping up to be an amazing work of art in its own right.

Kroese is tackling the funding of Saturday in an interesting way.  He only does around a page a month, which means it'll be some time before the book is finished.  He predicts it would take another two years (although he wants to get it done sooner - still being a year), so he obviously can't make all backers wait around that long for a completed project.  Therefore, rather than having the book be a reward for pledging, he's offering various prints, sketches, images, and so on.  Considering the high quality of the art, that's not such a raw deal.  Kroese is off to a great start - a quarter of the way funded with still 27 days to go - and I'm extremely interested to see how much he can get pledged without actually offering the project being funded.

If the brief images seen on the Kickstarter page is any judge, the production quality for Saturday will be outstanding.  It looks to be one of those seminal works that will become hugely influential, like Jeff Smith's Bone was when it was being published for the first time years ago.  The dedication put into Saturday is to be commended, and it will certainly be worth the wait once it's finally done.

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