Friday, April 6, 2012

Project Spotlight: Walk [Your City] by CityFabric

You might remember last month we spotlighted CityFabric.  They're a cool startup that is very civic- and community-minded, starting such projects as Wear You Live and Walk Raleigh signs, in which they posted walking distance (in time) to various places around Raleigh.  The latter were such a big hit that the Raleigh city council got behind having the signs as permanent fixtures at a few intersections.

Now, Matt Tomasulo is back and sharing in the fun.  The new project is Walk [Your City], using the power of the Internet and Google Maps to allow anyone to create their own signs and promote walking their own cities.  The signs include a destination, a walking time, and even a QR code to map your route on your smartphone.

The project has already been (quickly) funded, but that shouldn't keep you from pledging.  This started as a local project but has grown to include anywhere, including your city.  You can still get cool things like stickers, shirts, or your very own signs, but this project is really larger than any of those.  It promotes a healthy living style - and not just physically.  It allows people to take pride in where they live, to really make it their own, and to make a change in their community.  You aren't just backing Raleigh, or your own city, but rather helping every city potentially improve the lifestyle of its citizens.

Sometimes we look at creativity as being the ultimate goal with Kickstarter projects, but Walk [Your City] is showing that there can be more to it than that.  In this case it's social responsibility and community engagement.  Creativity can be a means to an end, and it's just waiting for people to stand up and support it.

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