Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: 'Blot' by Majestic Software

One of the most popular genres of mobile games are scrolling games, where your character simply moves forward on the screen and it's up to you to collect coins and powerups and avoid obstacles and enemies: Jetpack Joyride, Ikaros, those sorts of games.  I can see the appeal for both consumers and developers.  It's addicting gameplay that you don't have to dedicate a lot time to, and it isn't so complicated that it will take a lot of time to publish.  Because the concept is so simple, though, it's important to make other aspects stand out.  One of the newer additions is Blot, out now for iOS devices from Majestic Software, and they've definitely done their best to make a unique, enjoyable game.

The gameplay of Blot is straightforward: your character charges ahead and it's up to you to press the screen to avoid objects and rack up as high a score as possible.  In this case you play as an ink blot and avoid such obstacles as pencils and pushpins.  You travel across a piece of paper, and the background is littered with drawings.  This is really where the game shines; it's given so much character by the strange and awesome doodles that you'll sometimes be distracted looking at them.  There are even achievements that can be unlocked for passing certain images.  Along the way you can collect paint cans that will give your ink streak a different color, along with different abilities - magnetizing coins, speeding up, and so on.  You can also collect boosts to rocket your Blot forward through the level.

You can use coins to purchase certain items, like powerups.  But, like the background doodles, the game really shines with the unique costumes you can give your Blot.  There are basic items like wigs and glasses, cuter ones like a whale, and amazing ones like a walrus/unicorn hybrid.

Blot won't redefine an admittedly simple genre, but it doesn't have to.  Its focus is squarely on being cute, charming, and giving as much character to an ink spot as you'll ever see, and it does this in spades.

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