Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'The Green Knight' by kidBrotherPictures

As an English major I read my fair share of medieval works throughout my college career.  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight always stood out as the best; it's been celebrated, translated, and adapted time again for centuries, and for good reason.  A tale of mystery, adventure, fantasy, heroism, and romance, Sir Gawain has remained not only an important work as far as studying and remembering medieval literature and also simply as a great, engaging story.  Now, the folks at kidBrotherPictures are taking a stab at it, and the results are looking great.

The film, titled simply The Green Knight, looks to be a fairly strict adaption of the poem, unlike others.  The quality looks great, and that's where kidBrotherPictures is looking to use most of the money from their Kickstarter campaign - while they have a ton of volunteers and some of the proceeds will go to feeding them, most will go into making what they have even better and ensuring the high standards they've set for themselves and the end result.  The most impressive part of the project is the dedication they've directed toward it.  Everyone involved seems really passionate about what they're creating, and it shows in only the few clips they've posted.

The rewards for backing The Green Knight are pretty straightforward - digital or physical copies of the film, and various producer credits at the higher levels - so if you're looking to get your hands on a well-crafted, lovingly-made movie, be sure to show your support.


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