Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: 'Body Faucet' by Reptar

If you've only ever checked out Reptar based on their name, join the club.  It's the same way I discovered bands like Gordon Bombay and Rocky Loves Emily.  Some sort of kid-of-the-90s syndrome, I guess.  The best part, though, is discovering that there's actually substance under the name.  Body Faucet isn't Reptar's first release, but it is their best, and it's a great jumping-on point for anyone looking for a record to metaphorically spin well into the future.

The quickest, if most superficial, way to describe Reptar is as some quirky amalgamation of Vampire Weekend and Hockey by way of Foster the People.  Body Faucet is just left of pop and mixes things up enough to keep the entire album engaging.  "Sebastian" starts the album out strong, and continues on through with "Please Don't Kill Me" and "Isoprene Bath".  "Orifice Origami" is deservedly the first single, and it's impossible to listen to an, if not dance, then at least tap your foot along.  Things do mellow out with the likes of "Ghost Bike" but overall your head will be bobbing the entire time.

The weather's getting warm and it's about that time to roll the windows down or lie in the sun with some headphones on.  If you're looking for the perfect album to do that with, look no further than Body Faucet.  It's fun, it's catchy, and it just might get you through the summer months.

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