Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'World's First Trillionaire' by Daniel Tosh

Ever seen a crowdfunded project that you thought was just absurd?  There are some people who just want things givent o them but aren't putting in the time, effort, and talent to make their campaign something worth backing.  Luckily there are folks like Daniel Tosh out there, comedian and host of the popular Tosh.0, helping to lend some credibility back to these grassroots projects.

Really, getting Tosh his trillion dollars will lead to some great things - just mentioned in his video are shredding the Mona Lisa, a charity purchase of the Miami Dolphins (and the New York Jets), buying The Facebook, supporting gay marriage at Disney, and more.  Also - zip lines for all.

Backing this project starts at only $10,000.  I know what you're thinking: that doesn't put that big of a dent into a trillion dollars.  The good news is that there's no maximum donation so you can give however much you want.  There's even the mysterious "Platinum Member" level if you're so inclined.  Each pledge even comes with an authentic "Certificate of Achievement" so you can proudly say you helped this cause.

Time is running short on this campaign.  If you want to help make history and give to something truly deserving, consider "World's First Trillionaire".

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