Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Spotlight: ANI Shoes

I think shoes are probably the greatest piece of apparel.  More so than other items of clothing, shoes have become staples of pop culture as much as of fashion.  I think a lot of people agree.  When was the last time you heard of people getting trampled over a new line of jeans?  Probably never, because those people would be judged, but when it happens over a new pair of Jordans, well, that's just how the world works.  The crazy thing about shoes is they're still evolving.  Products like the Vibram FiveFingers and unique selling points, as with Toms, are popping up constantly.  Next on the list is ANI shoes, ready to take their place in shaking things up.

ANI stands for As Nature Intended, and this slogan can be seen throughout the entire shoe.  ANIs are vegan and eco-friendly, as well as "barefoot" to add to comfort and support.  If you're in it simply for the style, they've got you covered there, too.  The design of the ANI shoes is simple but deceptively sleek, contrasting black with either red, blue, or green.  They aren't busy or gaudy or distracting.  That means they'll go with pretty much whatever you're wearing and you won't have to worry about looking good.

The Kickstarter campaign is the birth of ANI shoes, so if you want a pair, go pledge.  You can get one pair or all three, a personalized set, have yourself featured in your ANIs on their website, and there's a few distributor sets if you're looking to carry a bunch.  Right now only men's sizes are available, so they definitely need your support to come out with expanded styles, colors, and more.

ANI shoes are a great example of a nice product with a bright future, and seems like the exact sort of thing Kickstarter was intended for.  If you want to see more from them, show some love.  Plus, you'll get to be on the cutting edge of sustainable style.  What's not to love?

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