Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Spotlight: ' The Pon & Zi Artbook' by Jeff Thomas

If you haven't read any Pon & Zi over the last 8 years, you've missed out on so much joy.  I sincerely feel sorry for you.  Pon & Zi is adorable.  Actually, it's more than adorable.  It's sweet and sincere and cute and occasionally heartbreaking, and there needs to be a new word to encapsulate it all.  After years of being online, creator Jeff Thomas is bringing the collection to print, and it will probably be glorious.

Pon & Zi is about Pon and Zi, two nebulous little creatures who are really only defined by their love for each other.  If it sounds simple, it's because it is, but that simplicity lets you cut to the meaning of every strip and instantly smile.  The art is similarly, deceptively simple, with Thomas doing an amazing job showing emotion through expressions, colors, and the images as a whole.  Seeing them printed on paper is going to look fantastic.

If you needed any more reason to support Thomas' Kickstarter campaign (I don't know why you would, but whatever...), he's got your greedy little butt covered.  Most levels will get you varying numbers of random prints copies of the book.  There are also plushies, t-shirts (with more designs coming based on various stretch goals), pins, figures, and more goodies to show your love for the comic and your significant other (or potential significant other.  Give them one of the plushies.  They'll love it.).

It's been a long time coming to get Pon & Zi into print.  If you're looking for something for either yourself or a loved one that you will just flat out enjoy, it'll be worth it.  If you're somehow not convinced, check out the online strips.  You will be.


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