Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project Spotlight: Ringbow

Touch screens are the new big thing in technology, having really taken off with smartphones (championed by the iPhone) and then moving to tablets and even desktop computers.  With them have come a learning curve, as people learn not to mash the screens like a button and get used to leaving behind joysticks for gaming.  Sometimes it's nice to actually feel something, though, and that's where the folks at Ringbow come in.  The Ringbow offers all of the benefits of a touch screen without the hassle of having to touch the screen.

Ringbow is a controller that, as you might guess, fits around your finger like a ring.  Finishing out the portmanteau, it comes in a variety of colors (as seen above).  It communicates with your device(s) via Bluetooth and has a D-pad like classic video game controllers to help with more minute movements.  Examples given by the creators include changing music tracks, moving the cursor while typing, and even playing games.

Backing the Kickstarter campaign will get you your very own Ringbow (or a few, depending on how much you pledge).  There's a slick Kickstarter-exclusive black and green Ringbow, as well as the standard white and rainbow colors.  If you're a developer, you can get a dev kit to create your very own game using the Ringbow.  The higher pledges include designing your own Ringbow (colors, logos, and more), and a distributor package to get 100 Ringbows.  Also included with your Ringbow is a games pack with four games, ranging from strategy to puzzler to platformer.

Time will tell how much supplemental control devices work with touch screens, but the Ringbow appears to be off to a good start.  It's discrete, intuitive, and sleek, and, most importantly, seems like it adds utility and convenience to everyday devices.  The Ringbow could very well be the next new big thing in technology, so jump on while you can.


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