Friday, July 13, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'Super Retro Squad' by Exploding Rabbit

And now, a moment to tell those dang kids to get off my lawn: what's up with video games these days?  With their fancy life-like graphics and cinematic trailers and multi-million dollar budgets.  Whatever happened to searching out powerups and finding princesses and jamming a button to get through scrolling text?  That's how games used to be in my day.  And now, thanks to the-greatest-name-ever Exploding Rabbit and their Super Retro Squad, what's old is new again, in all its side-scrolling glory.

Super Retro Squad started its life as a Super Mario crossover that featured classic characters like Samus and Link.  Due to the obvious copyright implications of such awesomeness, Exploding Rabbit has tweaked the characters and made them their own (German miners as opposed to Italian plumbers, for example).  It looks to be chock full of classic platformer goodness, from gameplay to graphics to music.  At the same time the mechanics will be upgraded for modern players, including such things as an equipment system and an online multiplayer option.

The rewards for backing Super Retro Squad are pretty straightforward for the most part - copies of the game, the soundtrack, and so on - but there are a few neat things.  You can get a non-playable character based on you put into the game, have your name written in coins, or even write a line of dialog or have yourself turned into an alternate costume for a character.  That's got to be a bucket list item for anyone who grew up in the '80s or '90s.

Super Retro Squad seems to be focused on the most important part of gaming - making it fun - while throwing in a healthy dose of nostalgia and humor along the way.  If you miss the days of heading to another castle, be sure to check it out.

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