Friday, August 31, 2012

Bound Custom Journals Finalist for American Made Awards

Journaling is one of those things that's fallen by the wayside with the advent of technology - after all, why write things when you can now tweet and blog on the go with your phone? - but I have a feeling that it will never completely go away.  Bound Custom Journals is doing their part to make sure that doesn't happen.  And more than just giving you lined paper, they make they're journals exciting, interesting, useful, and, of course, customizable.  Now they're getting recognized for their work as one of the finalists in the Martha Stewart Presents American Made Awards.

If you've never purchased a Bound journal before, take a look at their site.  Basically you pick the type of journal you want, customize it with a ton of different pages - blank, lined, grids, calendars, contact sheets, games, maps, and more - so you have the exact book you want and, more importantly, need for any occasion.  This type of innovation and creativity has them up against some stiff competition in the American Made Awards, which is filled with other creative entrepreneurs.  They're all vying for the grand prize of being featured in Martha Stewart Presents - no doubt amazing publicity - and $10,000.

Although this post is mainly to highlight Bound, as they're a local company (Durham, NC) so I have a soft spot for them, be sure to check out all of the finalists, because you'll definitely come across some cool things.  Starting September 7th you can vote for your favorite.  They're all deserving of your support, so get out there and vote and continue to patronize them long after the competition is over.

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