Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'Two Headed Cop' by Derek Friesenborg

I love projects that are not only creative in their own right, but take established characters, genres, tropes, etc and really turn them on their heads and make them their own.  That's what really caught my eye about Derek Friesenborg's Two Headed Cop.  A little film noir, a little good cop/bad cop, some carny folk, all thrown into a short animated film...where the main character is the titular two headed cop - the good cop and bad cop (half Asian, half Caucasian, of course) thrown into the same body.

It's a unique concept that takes everything familiar about the setting and completely flips it.  The additional characters are similarly inspired, filling out this wacky world appropriately.  A short clip is available on the Kickstarter page.  The animation is cartoony enough to fit in with the off-the-wall concept but at the same time moody enough to really take advantage of the noir style and blend it all together perfectly.  There seems to be a good bit of action and humor, too, so the final project should be really enjoyable.

The rewards for backing are pretty neat.  Standard digital/hard copies of the film, but also balloons, business cards, artwork, t-shirts, a maquette, sets/characters to animate on your own, a role in the film, and more.  There are a ton, so I recommend heading over and checking them out for yourself.

Two Headed Cop is certainly an ambitious short.  The runtime is a respectable half hour, it has a tone of settings and characters, and it looks good to boot.  It looks to be a great piece of animation, so check out the Two Headed Cop campaign and help see it through to the end.


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