Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: 'Love and Fear' by We Shot the Moon

If you read our Spotlight for We Shot the Moon's new album Love & Fear, you know we were expecting big things, both because of the previews of the album that had been released up to that point and because of the previous work done by the various people involved on the album.  Well, you have the change to listen to it now, and I'm happy to say it lives up to the hype and cements itself as a solid album, perfect to finish out the last months of summer with.

We Shot the Moon's last album was Fear & Love, but Love & Fear isn't just a simple titular reversal.  The entire theme of the album works from it, with ballads and hopeful lyrics interjected with hints of anxiety, longing, and regret.  Underlying all of it, though, are poppy beats, piano-driven verses, and great vocals.

There's a great balance of coherency between tracks and a variety that keeps it from getting boring or monotonous.  Opening track "Patient" starts things quickly, and first single "Me Vs Myself" and title track "Love and Fear" have upbeat tempos underscored by real, relatable concerns of uncertainty.  "Sonrisa" mellows things out a bit, and closer "Blind" wraps everything up nicely.  Throughout it all are catchy choruses, honest lyrics, and some of the most foot tap-worthy beats you'll hear all summer.

Overall, I don't see how We Shot the Moon can see this as anything but a success.  Their Kickstarter goal was reached, the album sounds great, and they surely picked up more than a few new fans along the way.  I can only hope that they were happy with the results, because it can't be soon enough before they release a followup to Love & Fear.

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