Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Humble Bundle 6

Seems like just yesterday that the last Humble Bundle came out.  How are you finding the time to play all of these fantastic, unique games DRM-free and on whatever platform you want?  Does it feel weird donating to charity so often?  Do you walk into a video game store and then leave in disgust when they won't let you pay what you want for the game you've picked out?  Put all of these questions to rest and get to work on Humble Bundle 6.

Is it a surprise anymore that the (appropriately) six games available on HB6 are fantastic?  First up you've got the action RPG Torchlight, which has been critically acclaimed and has a sequel coming up not to long from now.  If you want less RPGing and more shooting, maybe Rochard is your thing.  Go for a change of pace with Pong-on-steroids-esque Shatter.  Or what about Space Pirates and Zombies?  Or puzzle/platformer Vessel?  Topping everything off is a handful of soundtracks so you can pretend like you're acting out the games in real life!  Or just listen to them, if you're boring.

There's clearly something for everyone in Humble Bundle 6, all for however much you want to pony up.  Like I said, get to work.  You don't know how soon it'll be before another Bundle is ready to go.

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