Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: 'Grabatron' by Future Games of London.

With the advent of mobile gaming most games seem to fall into one of two categories - pick-up-and-play like puzzle games, Angry Birds, or endless running games, and those attempting to be "real" games like Infinity Blade and Shadowgun.  It isn't very often that a game straddles that line and strives to be simple enough without being mindless.  Future Games of London's Grabatron does this wonderfully, and is a great time to boot.

You've all heard the story before: aliens meet world, aliens want to take over world, aliens abduct citizens and cows and fight off Earth's military forces.  It's a classic tale, and it's all included in Grabatron.  You move your UFO around a sidescroller landscape and lower your claw to pick up people, animals, and vehicles.  By doing so, and causing mayhem along the way, you earn points and gems.  You can toss around poor victims or launch a tanker into a farmhouse, and there are some extra fun things, like boulders and giant donuts.  Don't worry, it all makes sense.  Sort of.  Throughout the level you'll have the chance to access specific objectives, like killing a certain amount of farmers with a tractor or abducting a number of cows.  You'll use what you earn to unlock levels, upgrade your UFO, and even purchase additional UFOs for future fun.

Grabatron is well done overall.  The graphics are sharp, detailed, and colorful, and give the sense of an old school science fiction film.  Controls are simple and responsive, so you can focus on actually playing the game, and there's enough variety and objectives to keep everything fun, fresh, and interesting.  Fans of Destroy All Humans and sci-fi in general will find lots to enjoy, as will anyone looking for something they can play right away but is a little more involved than your average mobile game.  Grabatron is available now for iOS and Android!

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