Monday, October 8, 2012

Project Spotlight: '50states50plates' by Brandon Finch

Did you ever play the license plate game growing up?  You know, the one where you're on an annoyingly long car trip and you see if you can find different license plates?  Yes, you did, so stop lying.  It was like geography Pokemon.  If you ever found an Alaska or Hawaii then congratulations, you've already peaked in life.

My point is that license plates play a deceptively large role in life.  Whether it's entertaining yourself on road trips or moving to a different state or buying a new car or getting pulled over, license plates provide a tiny metal road map for phases of your life, markers that you can point back to and relate to.  In that way, they're kind of like art.  And Brandon Finch, with his 50states50plates project, is making sure that they really are art.

What Finch is doing for 50states50plates is simple, elegant, and creative.  Basically he's taking various license plates and crafting them into the shape of that state.  So North Carolina plates look like the Tar Heel State, California plates are transformed into more examples are needed, I think you get the idea.  There are various sizes, from ornaments to maps that measure several feet, all the way up to a map of the entire United States.  Crazy.

Not into states?  That's fine, because some of the pledge levels have different shapes, the coolest obviously being sports logos.  All of the plates look great, and Finch is cutting each piece himself and mounting then on cedar wood backings, ripe for mounting on the wall of your choice.

Christmas is right around the corner and will come up sooner than you think.  Don't you want to give a gift that will actually be memorable?  Something that people will want to showcase and keep around?  Of course you do.  In fact, Finch wrote a similar statement on his Kickstarter page that I didn't see until I just wrote mine, so you know it must be true.  You've got the chance to get a unique piece of art.  License plates are already involved in many of your memories.  Why not add another one?

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