Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'Impress Coffee Brewer' by Gamila Company

Full disclosure: I'm not a big coffee drinker.  By that I mean I don't drink coffee at all.  I can recall two three time in my life that I've had coffee.  That being said, lots of people seem to like it.  There's a coffee place called Starbucks people enjoy and I hope it takes off.  So it's not really for me, but even I can appreciate something awesome as Gamila Company's Impress Coffee Brewer.

The concept behind Impress is simple, but then many of the best ideas are.  It combines the best of a french press, without that pesky plunger, and a travel mug all in one.  You put your grounds and water into the outer "shell" and stick in the nested cup, complete with filter, and push it down.  Grounds are forced toward the bottom, delicious (to some) freshly brewed coffee is left for you to drink right then and there, and all you have to do to clean it out is dump the ground and rinse it out.  No extra mugs or cups, no cumbersome devices.  Brew, go, and drink - couldn't be easier or more convenient.

Most of the rewards for backing the Kickstarter campaign involve receiving your very own Impress, but they have a lot of extra goodies for coffee lovers.  Some tiers include coffee so you can start using your Impress right away, and you can even get an entire year's supply of coffee so you'll never be left wanting.  At some levels you can have a Skype coffee with some members of the Gamila team so you can chat with them and get a tour of their office, and at the highest tiers you can even meet them in person.

Everyone is looking for ways to make their lives easier, whether it's saving time, hassle, or both.  The Impress definitely helps on both counts.  For anyone who takes their coffee seriously (read: anyone who drinks coffee), I can see the Impress seamlessly slipping into your life.  You'll probably start wondering how you ever lived without it.

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