Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: 'An Album From The Little Indians' by The Little Indians

What the hell is going on?
Snow is on the ground, it's barely fall
Where on earth have our minds strolled?
It's true, I just want you

Fall is on its way.  In some places it's already here.  There's a chill in the air, an uncertainty in the type of day you're going to get - the kind that's clinging to the last warm strands of summer, or the kind that's barreling headlong into winter.  It's a hard time of the year to choose a soundtrack for when your summer spins just don't feel right but you aren't quite ready for the slower, somber tunes that are at home during winter.  Luckily The Little Indians, following up on their earlier material, have released the appropriately-titled full length An Album From The Little Indians, an album that's perfectly suited for an unsure fall.

Auggie Rampolla and Kyle Gibson make up The Little Indians but have their roots in You, Me, and Everyone We Know.  The influence of their previous band can definitely be felt even as they put their own touch on their songs.  "Vernacular" opens slow before speeding up and heading into the more upbeat, handclapping "Go", which really sets the tone for much of the album.  The tracks take their time but have enough beat to allow for some toetapping, and it's that sort of in between quality that really makes the album shine.  Any track, even the fast-paced "Let's Split", is right at home whether you're listening with your friends or lying on your bed by yourself.  However you want to listen to it, An Album will be there.

The lyrics on An Album are in turn poingiant, clever, catchy, and relateable.  Lines like "You slip, you fall, you break your jaw/We offer you a chance to call it off/And stop the crooked shit/But you can't even own up to it" are are direct but engrossing; closing track "Night Owl (A Dream)" is full of great verses like "Are you backwards, night owl?/Are you living in reverse?/Your disconnect is unfortunate."  Each song has at least one point, and often many more, where you'll find yourself connecting with the wonderfully belted out lyrics and eager for a second listen.

It's encouraging to see an indie pop album that's not only so consistent but consistently great.  You won't be worried about getting tired of it because there's enough variation in the tracks to keep it interesting while still allowing the album as a whole to have a cohesive theme and sound.  If you need the perfect album to transition from summer to winter - whether you're trying to hold on to summer or can't wait for the cold winds of the holidays - An Album From The Little Indians is a solid choice well into spring and beyond.

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