Friday, October 19, 2012

The Ally Coalition

I write a lot about creative projects, and for good reason.  They're fun, first of all, and interesting.  I think they're important for society in terms of mapping out where we're going socially, how we look at the world, how we approach challenges and changes, and how we communicate.  When you get wrapped up in things concerning creative endeavors, things like copyright arguments and patent disputes and DRM and format changes, you can lose sight of other things.  Art and creativity can - some might say should - spark change and fuel conversation.  When you have people who adore you for your music or art or writing or design or whatever, you have the chance to really make a difference.  That's why it's great to see the crew of fun. and designer Rachel Antonoff join forces for The Ally Coalition "to take action in the fight for LGBTQ equality."

fun. has made major strides in terms of mainstream popularity in the last year with the release of their sophomore album Some Nights.  They, in particular Jack Antonoff (also of Steel Train fame) have been outspoken fighting for gay rights; even before the announcement of The Ally Coalition they stated that $1 would be donated to their marriage equality foundation for each ticket sold.  Add in Antonoff's sister Rachel, a high-profile fashion designer, and you've got a formidable force that's sure to make waves in a real, meaningful way.

Want to join The Ally Coalition?  It's super easy to take up the fight.  Head to their website and take charge.  Donate.  Buy some sweet merch (with their logo designed by Emy Storey of Revel & Riot).  Become a member.  Send in photos. whatever you want.  Whatever you can to spread the word.  You're encouraged to do what you can, as long as you do something.  When everybody does their part, it goes a long way.

This is about the point where I'd drop a "great power, great responsibility" quote, Uncle Ben style, so there you go.  It might sound cliche, but then, it's true.  Certain people have the platform and the talent to make their voices heard.  fun. has this ability.  So does Rachel Antonoff.  The best part is, they're allowing their peers the opportunity to speak out, as well as their fans - mostly average folks, but certainly littered with fellow creative types.  They're doing it with what they know - music and fashion - but there are countless ways for everyone else to get involved.  The important thing is to simply not miss out on the chance.

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