Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project Spotlight: Forsake All-Weather Kicks

Lots of people have lots of shoes.  That’s a fact of life.  You’ve got women who have lots of shoes because, I mean, they’re women, am I right?  That’s just a staple of quality sitcom observational humor.  You’ve got your “sneakerheads” who own pairs upon pairs upon pairs of, you guessed it, sneakers.  People line up and do terrible things for the latest Jordans.  Basically shoes are the “it” things for people regardless of who you are or your general fashion preferences.  One kind of shoe that seems to be woefully neglected, though, is the boot.  I don’t mean the kind of boots that girls wear, or rain boots, or I guess cowboy boots.  I mean work boots.  Hiking boots.  Snow boots.  Whatever you want to call them, but they’re the type of shoes that can take punishment, give you good footing, and won’t be ruined by rain or snow.  It’s probably because in our fashion-focused society, the only people who want to wear a pair of dull brown or beige boots are those who absolutely have to.  Luckily the guys at Forsake are on the job of making rugged footwear look good so you can be stylin’ and profilin’ (do people still stay that?) no matter where you are.

You know what you want in a good work boot: you want it to be tough so they won’t fall apart, waterproof so your footsies stay dry and warm, comfortable for trekking around wherever you trek, and to have a good grip so you won’t be slipping and sliding every which way.  Forsake looks to give you all of that.  From the insides to the outsides to the soles, the shoes are made from quality material that will give you everything you need and, most importantly, will last.  As an extra bonus, all of their shoes look good.  There are a few different styles with different looks and materials, and each comes with a couple of colorways so you can get just what you’re looking for.  Whether it’s classic brown and green, a fancy black and gold, or sleek blue and grey (or more!) you’ll definitely be able to find a look that fits you.

Obviously, if you’re backing Forsake, you want the shoes, right?  Well, good, because you can get them.  But there’s also a lot more.  Sport a Forsaken shirt while you’re hiking in your nice new shoes!  Get some extra, limited edition shoelaces to change up your look on the fly.  You can also grab a crayon drawing by the founders, because why not, or get some beers or dinner with the guys and talk about whatever you want.  That would be especially cool, because they seem really awesome.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their Kickstarter video where they redefine “elevator pitch.”  That’s how you make a Kickstarter vid.

It’s not too hard to find great looking shoes.  It’s a little more difficult to find great looking shoes that are actually functional.  Forsake definitely has that.  What’s even more exciting is that this is just the beginning.  If they reach their goal, who knows what other stylish yet practical products they’ll come up with in the future.  It’s worth backing just to find out.

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