Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'Second Quest' by David Hellman & Tevis Thompson

If you keep up at all with the video gaming scene, you might have come across the "Saving Zelda" essay by Tevis Thompson.  TL,DR version: Thompson expressed disappointment in the Zelda series (specifically the most recent installation, Skyward Sword) and how it didn't quite measure up to the early games.  While I personally disagree with a lot of what's in the essay, I recognize what he's saying and I still respect Thompson's opinion, his passion, and the fact that he isn't just complaining about what is, but revealing what could be.  It's this kind of drive that makes independent projects so great, and it's awesome that Thompson is doing something beyond a critique.  Along with David Hellman, who worked on the art for the fabulous Braid, the duo is working on the graphic novella Second Quest, which is sure to please fans of fantasy adventures of an age gone by.

Knowing the history of the project it's obvious that Second Quest is inspired by Zelda, but just looking at the project on it's own you could probably figure it out.  There are hints that some readers and gamers might find fun with enough originality to still be unique.  I don't know too much about the story so I can only speak mainly to the art, but that's fine, because it's fantastic.  Hellman's work is colorful, imaginative, and epic in scope, which I would think is exactly what the aim of this comic was.  If his past work without layout is any indication, it will most likely be a treat to read through this book in its finished form.

The backer rewards for Second Quest are pretty straightforward but still really cool.  You've got the things that everyone wants, from a PDF download to hardcopy to t-shirt and more.  Interesting bits: and overworld map of the land of Second Quest, a cameo in the comic, and an original oil painting.

There isn't too much to go on for Second Quest just yet, but it's background and available art are definitely going to pique your interest.  If you're a fan of video games, fantasy, epics, or comics in general, it's definitely a good idea to keep your eye on Second Quest.

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