Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project Spotlight: 'State of the Re:Union' by Al Letson

I postponed yesterday's post so I could bring you a very special Election Day project.  That's right, today's the day where you hit the polls, make your voice heard, vote for one guy who's going to run the country into the ground or the other guy who'll save it (these roles will change depend on which one you're voting for, of course).  The months leading up to the election can be tumultuous at best.  Americans are inundated with attack ads, saying how terrible one candidate is and how much worse the country will become, or stay.  It's hard to find something positive to hang your hat on when it's so easy to forget that America isn't a thirty-second commercial or a series of talking points.  It's people and stories and communities.  Never fear, though, because Al Letson is back with State of the Re:Union to make sure you remember what really matters.

If you've never caught an episode of SOTRU, you're really missing out.  The radio show travels across America to tell the stories of the people living there.  The political buzzword of the "real America" has been bandied about a lot, but SOTRU is actually about real America: it's about real communities, not generic groups.  It's about real people, not faceless caricatures and stereotypes.  The stories will make you think, make you feel, make you laugh, make you cry.  There's an earnest sense of desire in each episode, that the SOTRU team really wants to get get these stories out, and they're all so genuine you can't help but enjoy them.

The Kickstarter campaign is to fund the third season of SOTRU.  You can support SOTRU through your donations, and show your love with stickers, t-shirts, and travel journals.  You can get a copy of the Al Letson-penned Planetfall comic, grab a DVD is his one-man play Summer in Sanctuary, and go behind the scenes of SOTRU.  Or you can just donate and it'll be tax-deductible.  It's all really cool, but the real reward is getting a third season of this great show.

It's really not right to politicize State of the Re:Union, because it transcends petty politics and bickering.  But it's hard not to separate the two, SOTRU and politics, because of what each of them says.  This political battle is obstensibly for the future, the soul, of America, but SOTRU sheds light on the heart of the country.  So you should absolutely vote today.  But take some time to listen to a few episodes of State of the Re:Union so you don't forget what you're voting for.


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