Friday, December 21, 2012

Humble Indie Bundle 7

Just in time for Christmas, the folks at Humble Bundle are giving you something nice to snuggle up with and ignore your family with Humble Indie Bundle 7.  The gist is the same - DRM-free, cross platform, pay what you want, and donating to charity, yadda yadda yadda - so let's just jump into the games, shall we?

Humble Indie Bundle 7 is jam-packed with six games.  (Why not seven?  Missed synergistic opportunity, Humble Bundle.  You're on notice.)  First up is puzzler/platformer Snapshot, with its camera aspect giving a unique take on the genre: you snap pictures of objects and manipulate your environment to get through levels.  Very cool.  There's The Binding of Isaac, a slightly demented, Zelda-style top-down action RPG that provides a new experience every play with randomly-generated elements.  Closure is a puzzler/platformer with a unique art style and interesting light/shadow dynamics.  Finally there's Shank 2, the second in the hyper-violent and over the top side-scroller series.  Donate more than the average and you'll also get RPG/tower defense Dungeon Defense, as well as dungeon crawler Grimrock.

As with other recent Bundles, Humble Indie Bundle 7 provides the soundtracks to these games.  They've also included Indie Game: The Movie, and introspective documentary about the trials and tribulations of independent game makers.  Remember when I was going to review that?  Good times.  Maybe it'll actually happen now.

So there it is.  The best part is, a lot of you will be getting time off for the holidays so it's not like you're blowing off work.  You're just blowing off your family and friends instead.  Or, if you're in the giving spirit, buy a Bundle and gift it for someone (yes, Humble Bundle allows this and makes it super easy).  You can make your additional purchases 100% charitable as an extra bonus if you want.  You'll be giving the gift of a donation and the gift of a gift.  Everyone wins!

Enjoy your holidays everyone, no matter what you celebrate (if anything at all).  Also, the world didn't end, so make good on your second chance and do something nice for someone.  I might update periodically over the next few weeks but expect things to be back in full swing after the new year.

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