Monday, December 3, 2012

Spotlight: 'Dudebro II' by Grimoire Assembly Forge

Fair Warning: This post is regarding a hilarious but profane parody game.  The post is safe but research further at your own risk.

Last month, at least in America, included Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on what you're thankful for and gorge yourself on food and football.  It also had Cyber Monday, the online equivalent of rampaging through stores and trampling whoever gets in your way.  With both of those in mind, I'd like to share something that I'm thankful for: the internet.  Specifically, the internet's ability to overcome its trollishness and anonymous assholery to create something wonderful.  In this case, it's Dudebro II.

There's more to the title, but this post will be pushing the NSFW line as it is, so feel free to explore it at your own risk.  Once upon a time some people on a messageboard complained about mindless, stupid games like Dudebro 2: It's Straight-Up Dawg Time.  As everyone knows, the best ways to comment on something is to make your own thing - movie, book, game, whatever - and highlight how ridiculous and absurd it all really is.  That being said, the internet came together and a real 2D sidescrolling version of Dudebro II is being compiled.

As expected, it takes its shot at a fair number of games, and even has Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem.  It's got gratuitous violence and sex, lets you perform minigames or skip them because they're tedious and boring, and shoot just about everything you can.  Of course, these sorts of parodies aren't nearly as effective if they aren't good, but Dudebro II looks to have enough variety and style that it will be a game you'll legitimately want to play, and not just ironically.

What once was an innocent, fledgling meme has become a sequel to a fictitious game.  The collaboration needed to bring something that was once a crude joke to a working piece of crude entertainment (or art, if you want) is really impressive.  Crowdsourcing and the ability to spread and share information has always been one of the hallmarks of the internet; whether or not you think it's wasted on projects like Dudebro II is your prerogative, but then you're probably no fun anyway.  The game has hit a few snags but appears to be on track now.  Hopefully (appropriately aged) gamers everywhere will be able to act out their most immature, man-child actions soon on a computer near you.

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