Thursday, March 14, 2013

Humble Bundle with Android 5

There’s a new Humble Bundle available, so all is right in the world.  Like the passing of seasons we’ve come to expect Humble Bundles regularly, and Humble Bundle with Android 5 doesn’t disappoint.  Pay what you want, DRM-free, supporting charity, cross-platform, soundtracks – like an old friend coming to visit, this Humble Bundle is comforting and familiar and brings us back to happier, care free times.  But enough with the analogies!  What’s in this Bundle?
  • Beat Hazard Ultra, where your songs are converted into weaponry for an epic arcade space shooter
  • Top-down adventure game Dynamite Jack
  • Solar 2, which allows you to become one with the universe with gameplay that I’m sure is much more philosophical than I’m giving it credit for.
  • Physics puzzler NightSky
  • Psychadelic action game Super Hexagon
  • Tower defense game Dungeon Defenders, complete with DLC
As if that wasn't enough, Splice, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP have been added to the mix.

Take a moment to let all of that sink in.  I’ll wait.

Good?  Good.  You don’t really have an excuse to not get this Humble Bundle – I mean, you never have a good excuse, but this time around…what else could you possibly want?  You’ve got genres, gameplay, and aesthetics all covered with this group.  Bright colors, moody atmosphere, 3-D, 2-D, it’s all here.  So head on over, get a bunch of good games at whatever price you want, and get ready to waste a whole lot of time.

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