Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Humble Bundle with Android 6

It feels like my last post was just about a Humble Bundle.

Oh, wait...

That's right, they're back already, this time around with the Humble Bundle with Android 6.  As usual, I'll just jump right into what's included:
All of these games, plus all of their soundtracks, for whatever price you wish - and, of course, DRM-free and multiplatform (minus Pulse, which is Android-only).  Buy a few great games, donate to charity, and call it a day.

To make this a little more comprehensive than "here's a list of everything you can go find on the official site," did you know that Humble has, recently, started Humble Weekly Sales?  It's the same sort of idea - DRM-free, cross-platform, and so on - but with a single game rather than a bundle (hence why the clever folks at HB took the "Bundle" out of the name).  They've had some pretty cool stuff in the past, like THQ games, including the excellent Darksiders, and this week is Rochard, a fantastically inventive platformer.  You get the soundtrack, some downloadable content levels, and a digital art book, so this is really a comprehensive offering. While you're picking up this week's Humble Bundle, be sure to stop by and grab yourself a copy of Rochard, too!


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