Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: 'No One's Gotta Know' by Oh No Fiasco

As promised in my post about their fantastic cover of one of my favorite songs, the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," I sat down to write a review of Oh No Fiasco's latest effort, No One's Gotta Know.  Although the EP came out several weeks ago and is only five songs, there's a lot to unpack in that limited sample, especially with a relatively new band.  The good news, though, is that there's also a lot of crammed into there as well, and the result is a varied, fantastic pop outing that is hopefully the first of many.

No One's Gotta Know starts out with first single "Down," which is already a nice break from typical pop music.  Lead singer Lindsey Stamey's sultry vocals perfectly accompany the musically-heavy track, and the song has a darkness and rhythm that's instantly infectious.  "Falling Sky" is more fast-paced, and sits firmly in the ballad category, with verses like "Today could be our last, we're dancing eye to eye/It's just you, you and I/The mobs will finger point and yell 'I told you so's/Side by side, it doesn't matter" The contrast between the opening tracks is a fantastic hook that will carry you through to the rest of the EP.

"All Systems Go" is decidedly the most upbeat track of the bunch, a perfectly fun pop song (you can't listen to "You convinced the waitress you're a star/Make fun of all the hipsters at the bar/You hate them" without at least smiling); "Clarity" gives Stamey the opportunity to show her range as she absolutely belts out the chorus.  The EP closes with "Stand in Lover," which comes across with a dance vibe, something that wouldn't stand out in a club but certainly does in this group of songs; it's as catchy as all of the other tracks (which is to say very catchy) but it's more aggressive than the others, and rather than leading you out of the EP it gets you excited to listen to more.

Despite being an EP as opposed to a full release, No One's Gotta Know offers a lot.  There's such a variety in such a short period of time that you won't be expecting the next track when it starts and the whole thing definitely warrants and rewards multiple playthrough.  My introduction to Oh No Fiasco has been brief, and I'm hoping for a full-length release in the near future, if only because I want more.  But if their next endeavor is another EP that's on the same level as No One's Gotta Know, I'll be the first in line for that, too.

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