Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Childish Gambino Announces New Album, "Because the Internet"

A lot has been made about Donald Glover having a limited presence on the upcoming season of Community to pursue his rapping career under nom de plume Childish Gambino.  It'll be disappointing to not have Glover in every episode, but on the bright side we're already seeing the fruits of his labor.  The other day he posted on Facebook that his new album was finished, and today we got an official announcement: Because the Internet will be "available winter break."  Gambino has been kind enough to hold us over with a song teaser that contains the staples his fan have come to expect: addressing criticism leveled at him, self-aware verses speaking about his personal life (and his decision to leave Community),  and nerd references ("So Avengers, keep it low key").  If the rest of the album is as good as this minute-and-change clip, Childish Gambino could very easily have a release rivaling Camp.


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